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Fred Fields
For each culture, the important lessons handed down from one generation to the next preserve its unique traditions, linking us to our ancestors.

"I have fond memories as a young boy hunting with my father. On the surface it was about the safe handling of a weapon and tracking animals. Underneath it was about much more. It was about respect for the land as well as the creatures of the forest - never taking more than needed and leaving only a set of fading footprints in the forest. In this painting the father teached the boy to shoot a bow, but underneath he teaches valuable lessons of life and living, lessons passed down from grandfather to father to son."
                   - Fred Fields

Listen to the Father and Hear the Grandfather Fred Fields
Giclee Canvas   $490. 180 S/N plus 18 Artist's Proofs  20" x 16""

Fred Fields
These "silent partners" have worked together so long that both automatically know what the other is thinking. Each holds the other in the highest esteem. This simple yet tender image is one that will tug at the heart of even the most weathered ranch hand.
A Dog and His Cowboy Fred Fields
Giclee Canvas   $385.
180 S/N plus 18 Artist's Proofs  10" x 13"

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