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Tom Cross
"Inspired by a father's loving eye and fueled by serendipity, this was one of those rare moments of being in the right place at the right time, and having enough wits about me to realize it. Referenced from my young daughter's fascination with new, sheer curtains about to be hung, the play of light in concert made this an irresistible image to pursue to its rightful angelic completion."

Angelic Tom Cross
Giclee Canvas  $490 180 S/N plus 18 Artist's Proofs 16 x 20"
Offset Paper $95 350 s/n plus 28 Artist's Proofs 8" x 10 1/4"
Matted Open Edition $37.50 11" x 14"

Tom Cross - Enchanted

"Faced with challenges stemming from a 2003 diagnosis of inoperable, 'never-smokers' lung cancer, this work served as both inspiration and therapy while enduring the rigors of chemotherapy. A metaphor for life, the rose in an ancient symboy of joy, often associated with love and the eternal mystery of life's continuity. The glowing halo of light symbolizes the efforts to 'shed a little light' on lung cancer education, fund-raising and research endeavors worldwide. The dragonfly's wings remind us to let our colors shine by using the light within."

                        - Tom Cross

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Enchanted Tom Cross
Giclee Canvas  $630 180 S/N plus 18 Artist's Proofs 24" x 16"
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