A Detailed Description of Nature’s Perfection by Carl Brenders
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A Message from Mill Pond Press

TLC for Your Art Treasures

Unlike most other acquisitions, when we choose a piece of art it is often because we feel emotionally connected to it in some way. So what’s the best way to care for something you really care for?
Mill Pond Press provides a care guide with each print. Special consideration should be given as to where your art is hung or how it is stored. For example, extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as well as exposure to ultraviolet rays, should be avoided.
The following are some general recommendations for frequently asked questions on the subject. (For specific concerns, see your authorized Mill Pond Press gallery, the most knowledgeable source for all of your art and framing needs.)

About Giclées
A giclée is an elegant, state-of-the-art reproduction that gives a vibrant color rendition of an original painting. The combination of specific inks and substrates are carefully selected to assure maximum print longevity. With its water-based inks, a giclée is delicate and susceptible to damage from touching, scratching, smearing or from liquids. Therefore, it should be handled with the same care that you
would give an original watercolor painting. Paper giclées should be framed behind glass with acid-free materials. When transporting or storing, keep flat and protected to avoid damage.

About Canvases
Reproductions on canvas require special attention and should only be framed by a professional experienced in stretching and framing canvases. Because canvas weave is hydrophilic (readily accepts and gives off moisture to the surrounding atmosphere), rooms should be climate-controlled to avoid excessive stretching or shrinkage. A consistent environment with temperatures within the 60 – 85° F. range is recommended.

In General

To clean unframed paper or canvas prints, gently dust using a clean, soft dry cloth. Don’t use any type of sprays or cleaners directly on paper or canvas. To clean glass on framed prints, spray a cloth and gently wipe. Don’t spray
directly on the glass as the liquid could run under the moulding and damage the art.
All Mill Pond paper prints come in an acid-free pH neutral sleeve. If storing unframed prints, use only acid-free packing materials to prevent discoloration and store in a climate-controlled environment.
All Mill Pond Press limited editions are made with special inks, formulated to be light resistant and tested for durability, whether printed on museum-quality paper or artist’s canvas. All Mill Pond Press giclées now come with a 50-year limited warranty. With the proper framing and care, your art will give you many years of enjoyment.

Linda K. Schaner, President
The Mill Pond Press Companies


Carl Brenders
Cheek to Cheek Carl Brenders
Giclée Canvas $1125 180 s/n plus 18 Artist’s Proofs* 26” x 37” (CHEE0005)
Offset Paper $195 650 s/n plus 76 Artist’s Proofs* 22-1/2” x 32” (CHEE0003)
In the winter chill, two wolves nuzzle affectionately. Often unseen, moments such as this happen daily in nature. The art of Carl Brenders infuses these moments with life, allowing us to see as he does — the glint in a wolf’s eye or the subtle color shifts and textures of its wind-blown fur.
“ The main thing in my paintings is the texture,” says Brenders. “Getting all those nice textures makes you go to the essence of every little detail in the painting, because everything in nature is important. It is portraying the cycle of life, a fascinating story to tell of millions of years. No subject is greater to paint than nature.”
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