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Relive the Daring Days of the Western Frontier
Paul Calle
Giclée Canvas $975 180 s/n plus 18 Artist’s Proofs* 27” x 36” (HUNT0006)
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As rugged as their environment, the men who went West in
search of furs were trailblazers. At the mercy of the elements,
they discovered passages through uncharted mountains and navigated
unnamed rivers, living off the land.
“ As they were returning to camp after setting their beaver traps, the
trappers came upon a band of bighorn sheep that had come down from the high slopes. The trappers hid themselves and waited for the sheep to get a little closer.
“ Soon, around the campfire, with the meat roasting, they would share the day’s adventures with their fellow trappers. When available, the meat of the bighorn has always been a prized delicacy. It is interesting to note that the horns were often used by the Shoshone and Gros Ventres tribes to make powerful bows.”

— Paul Calle